rcbudgetDoes it ever seem like your money just disappears without your knowing where it went? Do you ever feel like you’re treading water, not making any progress toward reducing debts or building your savings and investment portfolio for longer-term goals like retirement? If married, do you argue over finances instead of having constructive periodic discussions as part of a formal routine? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you could benefit from our Personal Budgeting & Financial Management services.

We can help you establish a realistic budget, identify areas of concern and advise you on the proper way to track income and expenses and evaluate progress. We’ll also train you in the use of money management software (including Quicken or Microsoft Money) with ease and simplicity in mind. If you have a computer and are committed to changing the way you’ve been doing things, we will provide you with an education that will last a lifetime and give you the tools and advice necessary for you to forever manage and track your personal finances like a well-run business.