Business Startup Montgomery County PAAre you thinking about starting a new business?  Or, have you already started conducting business, but now realize that you must decide on a form of operation and pay attention to the administrative and compliance aspects of running a business?

If so, we can help.  We can help you navigate through the maze of federal, state and local forms and other requirements and explain what you need to know to avoid trouble down the line in easy-to-understand terms.

We can help you decide on what business form may be appropriate for your situation and specific needs. We have extensive experience setting up Sole Proprietorships, Subchapter C corporations, Subchapter S corporations, Limited Liability Companys (LLCs) and Partnerships, and are available to assist you in meeting the important and specific requirements associated with operating your business in any of these forms.

No less important than selecting the proper form of operation is the establishment of a record keeping system.  We can help you establish a computerized or manual bookkeeping and accounting system suited to your specific needs and advise you on your tax filing and other recurring responsibilities.  If financing is needed, we can help you prepare a professional loan request package for presentation to a lender, as well as advise you on other start-up related issues.

Proper planning and set-up is essential to allowing you to focus more time and attention on actually operating your business and maximizing profits, while minimizing the time you need to spend on administrative and compliance-related functions.

Our fees are hourly or service-specific, depending on the nature of the work performed and your specific needs.  Monthly retainer arrangements are also available.  Estimates are always provided in advance of any work performed.