Life Disability and Long Term Care Insurance Montgomery County PANo one likes to think that anything bad will happen to them, but the ugly reality is that unexpected events resulting in death, disability or illness occur daily; often destroying surviving family members in both financial and emotional terms, laying to waste the best made plans. At Anchor, we advocate a process of thinking seriously and deeply about these realities and their ramifications in the interest of helping clients adequately insure against risks and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing a proper plan is in place to help protect them, financially. We offer a wide range of term life, whole life, disability and long-term care insurance solutions Disability Insurance North Wales PAunderwritten by quality insurers. We use a network of trusted professionals to help locate the most suitable products underwritten by financially stable insurers, including those for higher-risk cases.  We have the expertise necessary to help you assess and quantify your insurance needs.  Life Insurance Lansdale PAWe can help you evaluate the quality of the underlying insurance contracts, as well as explain the important differences between group and individual coverages. While this service component is one of a select few that can involve commissions, we are not “captive agents,” do not have any exclusive selling arrangements with any particular companies to the exclusion of others and are not dependent upon the sale of insurance products. These facts, combined with our needs-based philosophy and adherence to high professional standards assures objectivity in finding the right insurance solution for your needs.