Retirement Planning by Montgomery County PA CFPWhen it comes to retirement planning, we offer an objective, easy-to-understand ‘substance-over-form’ approach designed to give you the answers and guidance you need. Our comprehensive planning option considers your current and projected financial position, income stream and personal expense structure and is tailored around assumptions that are unique and specific to your individual situation and preferences. We also offer a less comprehensive service option and can address general retirement questions on an hourly basis with no minimum dollar or hour commitment required of you.

Beware of competitors who offer to prepare, for “free,” bulky and impressive-looking documents laden with colored charts and concluding recommendations that just happen to be for the purchase of insurance and other commission-based products. We do things differently, with objectivity in mind. We will work with you to help you understand your retirement projection profile and present options best suited to your individual circumstances. Call or email us today to start making progress on your “blueprint” for an enjoyable retirement!