Consulting by CPA and CFP in Hatfield PA No matter what kind of financial advice or assistance you need, a financial consultant from Anchor will be happy to help. Our depth of experience in financial planning, tax preparation, credit counseling, accounting and small business consulting make us an ideal resource for fresh and unique solutions to all your personal finance questions. We offer services for a wide range of needs, including:

Credit Counseling

Whether you need help getting approved for a loan, or are looking to get better interest rates, we’ll work with you to improve your credit score so you’re ready when it’s time to make that next big purchase.

Identity Theft Prevention

We’ll help you take steps to protect yourself from financial fraud and keep your identity secure. And if someone does steal your identity, we’ll help you get your finances back in order.

Tax Dispute Resolution

If the IRS, or a state or local government claims you have unpaid taxes, it helps to have a professional tax accountant on your side. We’ll represent you to ensure you pay as little as possible in tax obligations, fees and fines.

Litigation and Bankruptcy Support

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, a financial consultant can help you reduce your financial exposure, ensure your accounts are in order and help you start fresh.

Major Purchase Decisions

If you are considering buying or leasing a vehicle, buying a home, taking out a personal loan or making some other major purchase, we can help you get your finances and paperwork in order, and evaluate your options.

Starting a Business

If you are looking to start a business or have other small business questions, we can walk you through the process and answer any tax questions.

Other Financial Consultant & Tax Services

Our Certified Financial Planners and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) at Anchor Financial in Lansdale have been serving residents in Bucks and Montgomery County for years, and offer a full range of financial planning, tax and accounting services, including:

Tax Preparation 
Wealth Management & Investment Planning
Retirement Planning 
Budgeting & Money Management

Fees are hourly or service-specific, depending on the nature of the work. Estimates are provided in advance of work performed.