Post Marital Transition Planning by Lansdale Certified Financial Planner Often in a marriage, one spouse will assume responsibility for most or all of the financial-related affairs. This can leave the other spouse very vulnerable in the event of a legal separation, divorce or death of a spouse. Anchor financial is here to help make sure your transition goes smoothly in these trying times.

We understand that suddenly assuming responsibility for financial matters can add significant stress to what may already be an emotionally upsetting time. We’ll walk you through the process, outline your options, and provide you with practical, easy-to-understand advice.

Legal Separation & Divorce Planning

Whether you eventually decide on a permanent divorce or end up getting back together, our Certified Public Accountants and Certified Financial Planners can help make sure your interests are protected and the process goes smoothly. We can also assist you with any forensic accounting that may be required, and make sure your spouse also complies. This will help untangle your assets and find solutions that are agreeable to both parties.

Death of a Spouse

We’ll help ensure that you have access to all the death benefits you’re entitled to, and that your loved one’s estate is handled properly. We’ll work with you to make sure any liabilities are paid, and any deeds, titles, mortgages, accounts, insurance and other assets are transferred. We can also assist with the preparation of estate income tax returns and state inheritance tax returns. And if you find yourself in need of a tax accountant, investment advisor or other financial services, we can provide these as well.

Other Personal Finance Services

Our Certified Financial Planners and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) at Anchor Financial in Lansdale have been serving residents in Bucks and Montgomery County for years, and offer a full range of financial planning, tax and accounting services, including:

Tax Preparation 
Wealth Management & Investment Planning
Retirement Planning 
Budgeting & Money Management

Fees are hourly or service-specific, depending on the nature of the work. Estimates are provided in advance of work performed.