Lansdale PA Business PlannerProviding retirement accounts for employees is a great way to attract better employees and keep them. It may also have certain tax advantages for your business. Our Certified Financial Planners and Investment Advisors can help you:

  • Understand the many different retirement plan options available to you
  • Choose the right plan for your employees and business
  • Define your contribution structures
  • Assist you in establishing the plan
  • Define your investment options
  • Ensure you meet complex governmental requirements

IRA Retirement Accounts

Many small businesses choose to offer IRA Plans to their employees to help with their retirement savings. Employers can choose to contribute a set amount, which is usually a percentage of an employee’s income. Or, employers can choose to match the amount the employee contributes, up to a certain amount or percentage. Your employees will manage their funds independently, and choose how they want to invest. We will explain the differences between the types of accounts, and may even be able to offer your employees several options.

401k Retirement Accounts

401k plans are usually offered by larger companies because they require more management than an IRA plan. Unlike an IRA, the employer manages the investment. Employees are able to choose from several investment options, but these options are limited. The upside for your employees is it’s less work and less stress for them. The benefit for you is that you don’t have to worry about different employees having different types of accounts, different investment advisors, or different banks handling their retirement savings.

Defined Benefit Plans

Unlike IRA and 401k plans, which are defined-contribution plans, a defined-benefit plans pays each employee a set amount. This is usually based on salary and length of employment. The employer manages these plans, which can carry both advantages and risks. In addition to tax advantages, investment funds that perform well can bring a surplus of capital into the business. If the fund’s investment performs poorly, however, your business may need to dip into its profits or reserve funds to make sure the defined benefits are fully funded.

Investment Planning & Management

Whichever type of retirement accounts you offer your employees, we offer investment planning and management services for both individuals and businesses. We’ll help create a customized portfolio for you or your business, manage your investments, and provide regular reports and recommendations. A Certified Financial Planner will handle your accounts, so you can be sure you’re getting sound advice to help your money grow and reach your retirement investment goals. Learn more.

Other Business & Investment Services

Our Certified Financial Planners and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) at Anchor Financial in Lansdale have been serving residents in Bucks and Montgomery County for years, and offer a full range of business and personal financial services, including:

Business Tax Preparation 
Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Business Consulting Services
Wealth Management & Investment Planning

Fees are hourly or service-specific depending on the nature of the work. Estimates are provided in advance of work performed.