Lansdale and Montgomeryville Tax Return Preparation by CPAOur firm offers affordable federal, state and local income tax planning and tax preparation services.  From the most basic tax filings to the most complex, we can address your needs in a professional and cost-effective manner.  All electronically and paper-filed tax returns are both prepared and reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with extensive experience and who keeps current with the ever-changing tax laws.

Unlike many tax preparers who run a seasonal, volume-based shop where quantity is stressed over quality, we do not treat you like a number and rush you through a critical process where speed and carelessness can cost you thousands of dollars in lost deductions and credits or bring unwanted scrutiny and the possible assessment of substantial penalties and interest from the IRS, state or local tax authorities.  We are available year-round to answer your questions and address your tax planning and tax preparation needs and concerns.

Fees are hourly or on a per-return basis, depending on the nature of the work involved. Estimates are provided in advance of any work performed.